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Picture Perfect
When first beginning this research paper I didn’t really expect to much out of the novel I choose. Writing this I can safely say the story was amazing. In this paper I will discuss the author of the story and the life that she lived, and I will also tell about when the story took place and all the literary analysis I saw in this story.

Jodi Lynn Picoult was born May 19th, 1966, in Long-Island New York to the parents of Myron and Jane Picoult. Jodi really thought of her childhood as normal and boring. Jodi began writing stories at a early age, beginning at the age of five when she wrote her first tale The Lobster Who Misunderstood. As Jodi began to grow she continued to write stories even writing a story about her summer vacation in the 4th grade and getting a bad grade on it. That bad grade on the paper really motivated her to do better on her writing( Jodi Picoult).

After making it out of high school Jodi decided to begin studying writing at Princeton University. Jodi gained a little writing success while in college. She amazingly published two stories in seventeen magazine, but the success of those writings didn’t go to Jodi’s head. Jodi’s mentor Mary Morris made sure that Jodi knew that there was a lot more to writing then that. Jodi ended up graduating from Princeton Booth with her bachelor’s degree in creative writing and English( Jodi Picoult).

During college Jodi just happened to meet the love of her life. His name was Timothy Van Leer and he was a antiques dealer. Jodi instantly felt the connection when she met him. They got married in November 1987 right after they both graduated from Princeton( Jodi Picoult). Jodi quickly decided after getting out of college that just writing wasn’t going to help pay the bills. She got three different jobs as a wall street technical writer, a advertising copywriter, and a eighth grade English teacher. She soon decided to go back to school. She went to Harvard University to earn her master’s degree( Jodi Picoult Author Revealed).

Jodi continued to come up with ideas and soon began writing stories again. She began spending long hours at home working on her very first novel. The book was to be called Songs of the Humpback Whale , which was going to be uniquely based off five different characters. Jodi worked day and night to find a publisher for her book until finally she found the right person. Songs of the Humpback Whale was finally published in 1992. Jodi was so excited and exhilarated for the release of her first book, but nothing was more exciting to Jodi then the birth of her first child Kyle, who was born right after her novel was released. Jodi was to have to more children after Kyle. A boy Jake and a girl Samantha( Jodi Picoult).

Throughout the years Jodi has had many losses and many successes. She likes to think that if it weren’t for her husband and her family supporting her she wouldn’t be where she is today. Jodi has continued to write bestselling novels that have to do with today’s hottest ethical and moral questions( Jodi Picoult).

Booth Jodi is now getting ready to release her next book Lone Wolf this March. Critics all around the world are expecting this new release to be a New York Time’s bestseller. Delving into her life you can see how talented this woman is and where she came from. The best thing to know though is that she still has more ahead of her. Jodi really worked hard when she made this book. She had to come up with the right elements to go into the book to make it everything the critics expected. One of the things that she really worked on was the time period that the book took place in. researching the time period I can...
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