Jodi Picoult

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Michelle Lapointe
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15 May 2013
Jodi Picoult
Jodi was born on May 19, 1966. She was raised on Long Island, New York. As a girl she wanted to be a writer. She knew at the age of five after she wrote her first book “The Lobster Which Misunderstood”. Her family moved to New Hampshire when she was thirteen years old. She described her family as “non-practicing Jewish”. She studied creative writing at Princeton and graduated in 1987. She now has published 21 novels.

While she was a student at Princeton, Jodi had written two short stories that were published in a Seventeen magazine. The first time an editor had called her back she wanted to pay Jodi for something she had written. She called her mom right away and told her that she was going to be a writer. She recalls that Realism - and a profound desire to be able to pay the rent - led Picoult to a series of different jobs following her graduation (“Jodi Picoult Biography”). She worked as a technical writer for a Wall Street brokerage firm, a copywriter at an ad agency, an editor at a textbook publisher, and an 8th grade English teacher. She married Tim Van Leer, whom she had met in Princeton. She wrote “Songs of the Humpback Whale” while pregnant with her first child.

Throughout her lifetime she has received a total of 10 awards. In 2003 she won New England Bookseller Award for Fiction; an Alex Award from the Young Adult Library Services Association, which was sponsored by the Margaret Alexander Edwards Trust and Booklist; the Book Browse Diamond award for novel of the year; a lifetime achievement award for mainstream fiction from the Romance Writers of America; Cosmopolitan magazine’s ‘Fearless Fiction’ Award 2007; Waterstone’s Author of the Year in the UK, a Vermont Green Mountain Book Award, a Virginia Reader’s Choice Award, the Abraham Lincoln Illinois High School Book Award, and a Maryland Black-Eyed Susan Award (“About Jodi Picoult”). She has written five issues of a...
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