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Jobs vs. Gates

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Jobs and Gates
How Steve Jobs and Bill Gates changed the world with technology and what we have learned from them?

Jenkins, H. (2011). The Amazing Steve Jobs Story. Wall Street Journal, Business World. Retrieved from

The Amazing Steve Jobs Story
Wall Street Journal, Business World: October 6, 2011

In this article about Steve Jobs, the writer ranks Jobs with Edison and Ford in the industrial world. He explains how, “His story isn't just the story of a person, but the combination of time, place and person, spawning a career in industrial design of awesome proportions.” He tells how Jobs continued to make his company grow through the years by changing his Apple PC company to Apple after changing the world one innovation at a time. He ends with informing the reader as to how Jobs left the world with a great company and great inventions to remember him by.

In 2008, Charles states “let's also acknowledge that coupled with vision and the pursuit of excellence was hard-headed business strategizing” He also states, “an image that will become part of the Jobs lore, inevitably, is his extraordinary determination to cling to life, at least partly for the benefit of the company he created and the customers he accrued” He goes on to explain how everyone can learn from Jobs by containing some of these attributes in their own life.

Charles, M. (2008). How a Geek Changed the World. BCC News. Retrieved from

Bill Gates: How a Geek Changed the World
BCC News: June 19, 2008

In this article about Bill Gates the writer discusses how Microsoft is world changing, and how Gates contributed to that change. At the time this article was written Gates had just stepped down as a full-time executive chairman and was now a one- day in the...

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