Jobs in Ancient Rome

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  • Published : October 27, 2010
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Jobs in Ancient Rome
In ancient Rome there were many different types of jobs. Some of the jobs paid well, while others did not. A lot of jobs were shown on inscriptions on tombstones. Most jobs are very similar to jobs today. They mostly keep the same reputation as well. Jobs were not easy to come by and people worked hard to get them and maintain the job when they did have it .

During ancient Roman times there were many jobs that were considered rich jobs. Mainly everyone in the military became rich. The large size of the Roman empire required many experienced soldiers that worked well together to control the vast lands of Rome. While fighting they worked hard, and in addition to fighting the soldiers were asked to built forts and roads(Ancient Roman Jobs(roman-coliseum) 3). The military might not have been the easiest jobs, but it paid well.

Other jobs that paid well were consuls, other magistrates, and provincial governors were chosen from its members(Simon 16). If you were a merchant you would have money. “The role of merchants increased with the size of the Roman empire and the number of goods that they were able to import. There were many important trade centers, where the rich went on shopping expeditions. Other merchants included bakers, fishmongers, and butchers”(Ancient Roman Jobs(roman-coliseum) 3). Rich people shared their wealth by buying lots from others. Patricians, which were rich nobility, normally focused their riches on farming and land ownership. Initial family wealth made by patricians really came from the funding of military expenses; where they later reaped a share of the loot. They would invest into purchasing further agricultural land for their estates(Ancient Roman Jobs)(jobs) 2). With many rich jobs there were a lot of poor jobs.

In ancient Rome slaves were normal to have if you were rich. Slaves were used in agricultural work, they were used as farmers doing planting, sowing, reaping, and harvesting (Ancient Roman...
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