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Topics: Book of Job, Bildad, Zophar Pages: 1 (323 words) Published: February 28, 2013
In my opinion Job’s friends took the wrong approach as to trying to figure out what caused the problem, and how it could be fixed. Some aspects of their advice could have been taken as words of wisdom, but the other aspects were ludicrous and should not have been taken seriously in the eyes of any Christian. The approach that they took was one in they were trying to determine exactly what Job did wrong. Some even thought that he deserved harsher punishment than what he was receiving. Once in the story Bildad even stated that Job’s children brought death upon themselves. Job’s friends did right in telling him that there was something that he had to have done wrong. From their knowledge they knew nothing of the devil testing them to see how strong their faith in God really was. His friends were also correct when they told Job to seek the favor of God. Of course there were things that Job’s friends also did wrong in this situation. Some things done wrong in this situation include the implication that Job’s kids had brought death upon themselves, and the statement that Job deserves a harsher punishment than the one he was receiving. The things I would have done differently are numerous. I would have never told Job that his kids brought death upon themselves. No parent would want to hear that no matter how accurate the information may or may not have been. I also would have never told him that he deserved a harsher punishment, for all Zophar knew Job did nothing wrong, so to tell him that he deserved a harsher punishment in my eyes was absolutely absurd in anyone’s eyes. If one of my friends was put in this situation I’d sit and listen to whatever they had to say, then give my advice. My advice however would be completely impartial to the type of relationship we had.
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