Jobs and Work at R. R>. Donnelley

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  • Published : October 10, 2010
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1. Discuss why Donnelley had to coordinate HR activities with changes in job and work.
The human resource department of an organization or business is entrusted with many responsibilities in the work environment; they must obtain, develop, motivate, and retain employees. The HR department administers all employee procedures and talent management. It also develops and determines the condition in which employees will work and cooperate in order to accomplish the goals of the organization. The success of every organization depends a great deal on the quality of their HR department. Activities carried out by the human resource department are referred to as Human Resource Activities (HR activities) and these can be affected by any significant as well as minor change in the organization.

Donnelley had to coordinate HR activities with changes in the job and work because changes in job and work can affect customer needs and nature of the work, which can then continuously affect the relationship of jobs, people and human resource management activities. When changes in the job environment occur in an organization; many employees are resistant to those changes. Resistance to changes leads to negative results and affects the regular day to day running of the organization. As a result of this, resistance from employees can cause low job performances and a decrease in productivity. If the employees’ job performances are low, productivity and effectiveness decreases. This then leads to customer needs not being met and uneasiness and disagreements in the work environment. Donnelley knew that in order to maintain normality in job functions along with making adjustments to increase productivity of the business she had to coordinate HR activities with changes in the job and work.

If Donnelley did not coordinate HR activities to go along with the transitioning of the business, things such as productivity and employee performance as well as the overall outcome of the business...
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