Topics: Unemployment, Homelessness, Welfare Pages: 3 (894 words) Published: March 30, 2013
People work hard to get better lives and to accomplish what they want after graduating high school or college. However, they face some difficulties in finding a job. Unlikely, “Ben” (‘Young”) would not want to be an “independent adult” (A.25). As the rate of youth unemployment is rising, many countries suffer from how to deal this unwelcome circumstance. According to statistic of Margaret’s article, “In Canada, the jobless rate for young adults is a relatively low 14 per cent. Across the European Union, the jobless rate is higher than 20 per cent. In the U.S., the jobless rate for high-school-educated men between 20 and 24 - Ben's generation - has reached 22.4 per cent” (A25). If the number of jobless people increases, many problems will arise in society.

First, youth power could be wasted, and countries could lose human resources. Many jobs require capacity from men for some works that women could not handle. However, some people may argue that women could handle those jobs and there should be no gender discrimination. Although there is less sexual discrimination in work places, discrimination in hiring still exists. Jobs of women are “much more likely to be part-time, contract work, working through a temporary help agency, or working on their own” (301). Women also have to consider “child care” that could be “limits women’s choice of paid employment” (301). Thus, men would be widely used in many jobs for society. Generally, in terms of physical condition, young men are stronger than women so labor and some jobs require physical strength from men. For instance, young women work at building construction; they could have difficulties to carry heavy materials. Consequently, progress of constructing the building could be slower because of lack of strength. The slow progression could create that the time and money be wasted. Secondly, people without work could be effect on the society. Not working is associated in homelessness, criminal problem and social welfare....
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