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Mr. Niel Goodrich, Vice President of Manufacturing of the American Radiatronics Corporation, returned from a three day business trip on October 13. While going through his mail he found a memorandum from Dr. Virginia Daniel, Manager of Process Engineering, concerning the introduction of a new line of radiation tubes and several proposed changes in the manufacturing process of the Nuclear Tube Assembly Room. Mr. Goodrich was quite familiar with the Nuclear Tube Assembly operations and had read the Nuclear Tube Assembly Room (A) case prior to its release by the company. Goodrich also had a distant but friendly relationship with Mr. Walter Long, the General Foreman in charge of the Nuclear Tube Assembly room. Mr. Goodrich was especially interested in the new tube line and he read the memo with considerable interest. (Dr. Daniel's memo is reproduce a in Exhibit 1.)

Shortly after he had finished reading the memo, Mr. Goodrich was interrupted by his secretary who gave him a hand written note from Mr. Alex Paul, Factory Manager of the Boston Plant. (Mr. Paul's note is reproduced as Exhibit 2). His secretary told him that Mr. Paul had left town the preceding evening on a business trip but had left instructions to have the note delivered to Mr. Goodrich first thing in the morning.

Exhibit 1



TO:Mr. Niel B. Goodrich, VP/Manufacturing

COPIES TO:Mr. E. Laughton, VP/Engineering
Mr. Alex Paul, Factory Manager
Mr. Walter Long, Gen. Foreman/Process Dept.
Mr. Harold Singer, Process Engineering

FROM:Dr. Virginia Daniel, Mgr/Process Engineering

SUBJECT:Nuclear Tube Assembly Process Improvement and Introduction of
LDTC Tube Line

DATE:Oct. 10


The purpose of this memorandum is twofold:

(1) to propose a plan for start up of the assembly process required to manufacture the new line of LDTC (Low Distortion Low Temperature Coefficient) radiation tubes. (Cost and departmental allocation expenses will follow under separate cover.)

(2)to propose a series of changes to improve the processes used in the current assembly of existing tubes in the Nuclear Tube Assembly Department.


As you know, the Research and Development Department has completed the design of the new LDTC line of radiation tubes. On August 15th, the Sales Department signed a two-year contract to sell LDTC tubes to the Universal Electric Co. Deliveries to Universal will commence on April 30th of next year. The Universal Electric order will require a 50% capacity expansion in the nuclear tube operations. most of which will be LDTCs.

My department is currently developing a pilot process for assembling the LDTC's in the process development lab. We anticipate that the pilot process will be "shaken down" by January 15th. Our past experience suggests that many of the tube assembly processes have not been adequately followed through in the transition from development to production start-up. In the past, most of our tube assembly processes have not been sufficiently "debugged" after going into production. Historically, this lack of follow-through has resulted in production problems and poor yields in the tube assembly room because of lack of adequate process specifications.

The LDTC is a new and important product line and we hope to avoid past difficulties by ensuring that it undergoes a controlled and careful production start-up—including the development of tight, replicable process specifications after the LDTC has gone into production assembly. I believe the plan we are proposing will result in a smoother start up of the LDTC line and lower reject rates than we have previously experienced with new tubes or tube modifications.

I think that it is also safe to assume that you are familiar with the problems the company has traditionally had in the Nuclear Tube Assembly Room. Until...
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