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Topics: Nursing, Nurse, Florence Nightingale Pages: 3 (1248 words) Published: October 15, 2012
On October 3, 2012 I was scheduled to job shadow in the operating room at Cary Medical Center in Caribou, Maine. The RN that I followed around was Jim Flavin. He has been a nurse for 30 plus years. His knowledge and willingness to show me around the operating room was very beneficial to me and has definitely confirmed that being in the operating room is where I would like to work once I have received my BSN in 2015. Being a nurse in the operating room has always been a dream to me, but after job shadowing, I am completely ready to give my 100% all into making my dream become reality.

As I mentioned before, Jim has been in the OR for 30 plus years. Jim was very eager to answer questions that I may have had and explained things thoroughly. I was very impressed how he handled each different situation in the same calming manor. We also had a new nurse with us and he seemed to be very thankful he had the extra help he did as things got a bit hectic. I went into three different operations and each time Jim had everything prepared with setting up everything that the doctor would need during the procedure. I always thought that the doctor worked hand and hand with the surgical technician, when indeed the nurse plays a vital role in the whole operation not just the setup. The nurse is definitely the backbone as for setting up and getting the proper things ready for each operation.

While in the OR, our first patient was going to be put completely asleep. After talking with the anesthesiologist, they decided based on his bad lung history that a spinal was the best for the patient. There was some miscommunication between the doctor and the nurse and the anesthesiologist so when the doctor came in the room before the surgery, Jim had explained the confusion and told the doctor that the patient was indeed going to have a spinal instead. Miscommunication does happen in life, it is a natural part, however; miscommunication should be eliminated as much as possible in the...
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