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Job Seeker Survey

By | October 2012
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Perception of job seekers on a recruitment site (

Dear Respondent
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. We are MBA students at UUNZ Institute of Business. We are conducting this survey as a part of a research of the MBA study. The title of my research is ‘Evaluating the perception of job seeker on’. Your help and corporation in this survey are much appreciated. It will take you approximately 5 minutes to complete this survey. Your responses will be kept absolutely confidential. The results collected from the survey will be used for the purpose of research project only. Once again, thank you for your kind cooperation.

Yours Sincerely,

Gehao Cui
Shiqi Dong
Lin Mai

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 1: Demographic
Please √ only one option

Q1.Gender: □Male □ Female

Q2.Age: □ < than 20 □21-25 □26-30 □31-35 □36 +

Q3.Qualification: □Diploma □Undergraduate □Postgraduate

Q4.Are you currently Job hunting? □YES □NO

Section 2: Information about

Q5. Which job board do you most often use for getting employment? (Tick only one)





□ other, please specify

Q6.What features you use when searching for a job on your chosen job board. (tick more than one)

* Searching and applying for jobs

* Uploading your C.V and creating profile for clients to find you

* C.V Wizard (helps you build a C.V)

* Social Media integration (sharing jobs via facebook, linkedin or twitter)

* Phone applications

* Email job alerts

* Text job alerts to your mobile

Q7.Why do you apply on this job board?

I am using jobs boards for quite sometimes.
More options on jobs
Better job options

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