Job Security

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  • Published : July 7, 2009
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Job Security

Job security is things are not likely to change for the employee, also the union that represents them. Stated in the newspaper and over the news the unemployment rate has hit an all time high of 16 percent since recent years. So with that said employees are holding on to their job and they are respecting union laws. I’m in my last semester and soon be a college graduate. The time for me to get out and be on my own feet, and find a real job and not these play job college student tend to have during the years in college. I plan to work within a strong company and also I will want to know about the union laws. Also I want to know if my job is lost what will happen to my benefits. I’m planning on studying Human Resources for my Master’s Degree. So as we speak my one course is Labor Relations which consist of all possible laws, clauses and etc. During this semester in this particular class I’m studying and focusing on every item that is stated in the textbook. Because in the end knowing all the terms, laws, clauses and other union items I will know. With knowing you job security will help you in the long haul, because when a company has there up’s and down’s as employee’s the knowledge of the aspect around what is protect you job security. I belief in the job security, and if I was a manager I would inform my employee exactly what is going if it’s good or bad to each employee. Linking job security to Human Resources is some what related because human resources deal with some much paperwork. A Human Resources Manager deals with the hiring and firing of an employee within this company. The hiring process you must inform the new employee if each employee is in a union. Also what is the procedure of getting into the union, because there is a probationary periods. And with in a union come weekly dues that come directly from your check. Bringing job security and Human Resources manager together is simply informing the employee the plans the company has. And...
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