Job Satisfiction

Topics: Motivation, Employment, Organizational studies and human resource management Pages: 6 (2057 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Literature Review:

This research literature review aims to recognize the job satisfaction level; regarding the Personnel Policies of university of Balochistan. Furthermore, the definition of the job satisfaction was defined by Spector in (1997) in following ways “How employees perceive about their jobs in different perceptions of their jobs”. Also the Sempane, Roodt & Rieger (2002) define, “Job satisfaction relates to people’s own evaluation of their jobs against those issues that are important to them”. Even though, the job satisfaction also create outcomes from the evaluation of perceived results with those that are desired outcomes (Kam, 1998) and there is a degree to which the employee’s enjoy their job satisfaction. (McCloskey and McCain, 1987).Job satisfaction plays a vital role to employee’s performance and organizational outcomes. (Spector, 2003). Mainly the job satisfaction determined the feelings, attitudes or preferences of the employee regarding work; the Job satisfaction has affected by the worker and the work itself (Chen, 2008). Employee Job satisfaction and dissatisfaction is not merely depends upon the nature of work, it as well depend on the belief what’s the work as given to an employee (Hussami, 2008). Advanced organizational and inferior convenience costs, social and intrinsic reward force to increase employee job satisfaction (Mulinge and Mullier, 1998; Willem et al., 2007). Employee job satisfaction is complex in nature and has multi features (Fisher and Locke, 1992; Xie and Johns, 2000); which influenced by the features like working environment, salary, communication, autonomy, and organizational obligations (Lane, Esser, Holte and Anne, 2010; Vidal, Valle and Aragón, 2007; Fisher and Locke, 1992; Xie and Johns, 2000). The collected research on the job satisfaction; divided it in two groups of internal and external factors for job satisfaction. According to them, the external factors for job satisfaction are non-directive work itself (such as high salary, good welfare and utilities, good relations with staffs) and internal factors for job satisfaction are related the work itself (such as feeling of independence, feeling of success, feeling of achievement, feeling of control, self-esteem, and other similar feeling obtained from work), (Porter and Lawler, 1968).Employee’s job satisfaction is building different components such as a higher participation feedback, responsibility, development, fairness, and work-atmosphere. Can it be in such an employee thinks has development is a kind of reward itself describes as extrinsic reward? Therefore, the process of running the job and employee performance make certain and specific goals and outcomes, that employees can recognize their roles in the greater; that they understand what they must do for their reward, and why the reward is being offered to them. (Flynn, 1998).Sometime, employees expect their organization will provided them safe working circumstances, reasonable pay, and fair treatment. Like organizational employees often look forward to additional, depending on the strength of their wants for s status, security, power, challenges, involvement, and responsibility. Just how ruthless the opportunity of each employee defends upon from organization to organization; therefore organizations to deal with these opportunities and understanding of employee motivation is necessary for the organization. (Beer, Spector, Lawrence, Mills, & Walton, 1984). The job performance has a guide employee’s understanding of their major objectives for which universities are established, namely research and community services, knowledge delivery. Blanchard (2004) asserts that excellent performance in advanced education will escort us to positive growth of organization. Some scholars suggests that, “ there are varieties of factor as motivational level of employee at job, some of which are tangible, such as money, and some of which are intangible, such as a common...
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