Job Satisfaction, Productivity, Absenteeism and Turnover with Respect to Gender

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  • Published: March 17, 2013
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1.| Letter of Acknowledgement| 2|
2. | Topic| 3|
3.| Background Information and Sources| 5|
4.| Rational for the study| 7|
5. | Informational Need| 8|
6.| Methodology| 9|
7. | Analysis and Results| 12|
8.| Conclusions| 22|
9.| Recommendations| 23|
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Letter of Acknowledgement

Institute of Business Management
Korangi Creek, Karachi-75190, Pakistan
UAN (9221)111-002-004, Fax: (9221) 509-0968

Dear Reader, Dated: 8th August 2012 It is an honor for us to prepare this report on “Relation of gender with productivity, satisfaction, turnover and absenteeism” assigned to us by our respected instructor Ms. Shagufta Rafif. We would like to thank her for providing us the supervision all along in order to materialize our content for the report.

It was a contentment creating such a report, on a topic so enlightening and realistic, which also plays a vital role in our professional lives in near future.

We would also like to express our gratitude to Mr. Saad bin Saeed Jumlana – Executive Director at IRIS International, Pakistan - for providing us the required information and direction.

Sincerely yours,
Adeel Saleem 12890
Huzaifa Kapadia 12693
Fahad Yousuf 12889


1.1 About Organization Behaviour:
Organization behavior is the study of individuals, group and overall structures and how they eventually affect organizational performance. This is a broad field of study that helps us understand the relationships, trends and customs that help us create a pleasant workplace environment. When we talk about research in OB, we tend to focus on the dependant variables that are key factors that predict behavioral outcome of employees. They are, * Productivity

* Absenteeism
* Turnover
* Job Satisfaction
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