Job Satisfaction of Banking Assitants

Topics: Sri Lanka, Bank, Sampling Pages: 3 (556 words) Published: October 21, 2011

Name:Mr. Indika Thushara Asuramanna Reg. No: 50080200

Address:Thunbage, Udapotha, (Via kegalle)

Telephone:(Off) - 033-2225051/2, (Mob) - 0777-315195

1. Title:The attempt to analyze the influence of job characteristics & growth needs of an employee on job satisfaction of the Banking Assistants in Commercial Bank in Sri Lanka.

2. Research Problem:
When employees perceived that the presence of core job characteristics are high in their job and their growth need strengths is high, they will be highly satisfied in their job.

3. The Importance/ Significance of this research :
Sri Lanka, still being a developing country has much to achieve to reach its economic prosperity. Commercial Bank of Ceylon Ltd. has been contributing immensely towards achieving the said objective being the leading Commercial Bank in Sri Lankan banking industry.

Banking Assistants who directly engaged with customers are doing most of the services the Bank is offering. Bank Management could design their job effectively to obtain maximum result once this type of study is undertaken. So that the Bank's image could be further enhanced by offering excellent service through satisfied workforce.

In addition, this research tries to evaluate the application of job characteristic model of J.R. Hackman & Oldham in Sri Lankan Context.

4. Objectives
To find out the interactive influence of job characteristics & employee growth need strengths on job satisfaction. To confirm the influence of employee's growth need strengths on the relationship of the independent and dependent variables. To find out the relationship between the presence of job characteristics and job satisfaction. To find out the ways of improving Banking Assistants' job satisfaction.

5. Conceptualization

Independent Variable...
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