Job Satisfaction and Employee Turnover

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  • Published : November 9, 2008
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April 12, 2008

When top employees quit their jobs, employers’ at large companies begin to wonder what went wrong. In order to answer that question, one would have to look at the causes of high job satisfaction as well as causes of low employee turnover rates. Benefits and high profits are key essentials when it comes to having a high job satisfaction among the company’s employees and a low turnover rate. Three high-profile companies should be a great measuring stick in order to see if there is a correlation between high job satisfaction and low employee turnover. These three companies are Google Inc., Four Season Hotels, and Capital One and have been able to limit their turnover rates because of the benefits that both those companies provide. Google Inc., the number one company at which to work for two straight years according to Fortune Magazine, seems to have job satisfaction down to a “T.” This company goes above and beyond the typical benefits, providing free gourmet meals, onsite oil changes, onsite car washes, a $500 voucher for takeout food after the birth of a child, a free annual ski trip, unlimited sick days, and more (Lashinsky, 2007). An individual arriving on a Google campus feels like they are on a high-scale college campus. The joke going around on the Google campus says one could gain the campus-15 due to the free food (Lashinsky, 2007). All of Google’s benefits cause their turnover numbers to stay low while there remains a long list of employee hopefuls.

Four Seasons Hotels is another company that focuses on job satisfaction in order to keep employees with their company and receive a better output from their employees. When first starting at a Four Season Hotel, the employee starts as an assistant manager with a salary ranging from the low to mid 40s. Four Seasons promotes heavily from within the company. A driven employee can reach a general manager position within twelve years and make somewhere between $200,000 to $300,000 a...
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