Job Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction in Working Place

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  • Published : July 20, 2010
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Employee satisfaction is the terminology used to describe whether employees are happy and contented and fulfilling their desires and needs at work. Many measures purport that employee satisfaction is a factor in employee motivation, employee goal achievement, and positive employee morale in the workplace. Employee satisfaction, while generally a positive in your organization, can also be a downer if mediocre employees stay because they are satisfied with your work environment. Job satisfaction is in regard to one's feelings or state-of-mind regarding the nature of their work. Job satisfaction can be influenced by a variety of factors, eg, the quality of one's relationship with their supervisor, the quality of the physical environment in which they work, degree of fulfillment in their work, etc. (To my knowledge, there is no strong acceptance among researchers, consultants, etc., that increased job satisfaction produces improve job performance -- in fact, improved job satisfaction can sometimes decrease job performance. For example, you could let sometime sit around all day and do nothing. That may make them more satisfied with their "work" in the short run, but their performance certainly didn't improve.)

Common Agree/Disagree Items:
I am optimistic about the future of the company.  
I am optimistic about my future success with the company. 
I am proud to work for the company.
I feel more committed to a career with the company this year than I did a year ago. I feel that the company cares about its people.
I feel that working for the company will lead to the kind of future I want. I feel that people get ahead primarily on the merits of their work. Men and women are provided with equal career opportunities in the company. I am satisfied with my understanding of the direction and goals of the company. I understand of how the company's strategy differentiates us from the competition. I am satisfied with my understanding of how my goals are linked to company goals. The company is a leader in the industry in important ways.

The company is a strong competitor in key growth areas.
The company's leadership has a clear vision of the future.  Company leadership has made changes that are positive for the company. Company leadership has made changes which are positive for me. Company leadership is responding to the important external issues. Company leadership is responding to the important internal issues.   Common Satisfaction Items:

How satisfied are you:
... with with your job? 
...that the leaders in your work environment are positive role models?  ...with your direct supervisor?
...that your supervisor keeps you well informed about what's going on in the company? ...that your views and participation are valued?
...that your supervisor cares and is responding to the issues of most importance to you?  ...with the professionalism of the people with whom you work? ...with the team spirit in your work environment?

...with the morale of the people with whom you work?
...with your own morale? 
...that your work gives you a feeling of personal accomplishment?  ...that you receive appropriate recognition for your contributions? ...with the empowerment you have to influence the quality of your work? ...with the reasonableness of your work responsibilities?

...with your ability to maintain a reasonable balance between family life and work life? ...that your compensation matches your responsibilities?
...with your overall job security?
...with the amount and frequency of informal praise and appreciation you receive from your supervisor? ...with the company as a place to work?  

Job satisfaction

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Job satisfaction describes how content an individual is with his or her job. The happier people are within their job, the more satisfied they are said to be. Job satisfaction is not the same as motivation, although it is clearly linked. Job...
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