Job Satisfaction

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Methods to measure job satisfaction
It is very important for companies that their employees are satisfied and happy with their job, because this leads to a higher working morale. This again leads to a higher output and performance of the workers as well as lower overall costs, which is profitable for the company. So everybody benefits from a positive working atmosphere. There are a various number of ways how employers can measure the job satisfaction of their employees. The most common ways are:

* Rating Scales (Single Global Rating)
* Summation Score
* Interviews
* Action Tendencies
* Monitoring of Performance Targets
* Visual Observation
When a company uses rating scales to measure the job satisfaction of their employees, these will be asked various questions, <<Please review the sentence>> through which they report their thoughts and concerns of their jobs. These questions can be about responsibilities in the job, supervision, security, wages, alternation in tasks and how they keep them motivated, future in the company and promotion prospects, of course how the work itself keeps them motivated and also a very important point, their colleagues. In some surveys they only have to answer yes-or-no questions while in other methods the tested person has to rate its satisfaction via a scale from 1 to 5, where 1 means the lowest satisfaction and 5 represents the highest satisfaction rate. It is better to keep the names of the employees anonymous, because then they will be much more honest since they don’t have to fear any consequences. When using a summation score, employees will be asked about the same different aspects of their job. The difference this time is, that they will have to rate their satisfaction in the various fields instead of just answering yes or no questions. At the end of the test, the scores will be summated, which leads to the final results. Another method is to interview employees. This is a much more...
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