Job Roles and Responsibilities at Starbucks

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Job roles & responsibilities at Starbucks

This is to make sure that specific members of staff are aware of and understand their job roles and what responsibilities they have to take on.

For a Manager at Starbucks:
Managers are there to bring out the very best in employees, maximising their potential. A manager should be an exemplary role model. It is a manager’s job, in any organisation or business, to understand each of their staff member’s strengths and weaknesses. It is very important for a manager to mainly concentrate on the good points of their employees at Starbucks, rather than the bad- and this makes them more successful than to any managers who look at faults in their employees in other businesses.

Managers do indeed play a large role in managing staff; however it is also important for managers to manage and take on responsibility for the growth and profit increase at Starbucks.

Managers have 4 main roles:


For a manager at Starbucks to achieve long-term goals, they must have a financial plan- this is important because it is a way to estimate how much profit/loss Starbucks will make, maintaining costs. A manager must plan staff’s holidays, they must not all go on holiday at the same time, or else there wouldn’t be enough staff attending the store to serve customers. At Starbucks, a manager must plan, prepare, and assign daily work schedules for members of staff so that they are aware of the activities they must complete and in that specific time period. Advantages of planning out the steps are- it saves money, resources, time, and effort in the long run.


A manager at Starbucks must organize promotions with thought and consideration, throughout the year. As a manager, you must also give directions so that all employees work effectively and this will result in Starbucks meeting its goals. The manager at Starbucks is the person who sets up on the job coaching, training and support. A manager must organise a certain training programme for employees, such as workshops, assessments, etc.


To encourage people to go further, and inspire them. Helping employees enjoy their workplace, this can be done by making people feel important by showing them you take into consideration the way they perform, make them feel important, and show them that you need them to be part of the company. Controlling:

A manager must control the goods bought and displayed on time like the rest of the company and its branches. It is important for a Starbucks manager to check and maintain the store for health and safety precautions. At Starbucks, a manager must always monitor the performance of employees and take correct action, such as discussing with them their weaknesses and how they can improve and develop them.

Skills and abilities

The manager of Starbucks is in charge of maintaining good customer service, therefore it is vital to monitor how staff treat customers. A manager must have good knowledge and understanding of the Starbucks Company and its history. There are many skills and abilities for a manager, such as being a good communicator socially and with other businesses- have the ability to plan meetings within the Starbucks industry, have good customer services skills to represent Starbucks in a positive and professional way, sales and marketing skills are vital because this allows you to give customers what they need. A manager is basically a leader, therefore leadership skills are also important- such as being in charge. Team leadership skills are important for managers because this involves the contribution of all employees at Starbucks and joins them up as a team, the leader of course is the manager.


Like any other job position, there are specific qualifications that need to be met whilst you’re a manager. At Starbucks, it is required for a manager to have 5 GCSEs and that includes Maths. It is also required for a manager to have...
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