Job Referral for Nadeem Ahmad

Topics: Bank, Credit union, Online banking Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: May 13, 2013

4.1.1 95% respondents have manufacturing unit.
4.1.2 9% respondents are doing business for more than 4 year. 4.1.3 53% respondents have invested more than Rs 20 lacs in their unit. 4.1.4 100% respondents have taken loans from Co-operative Bank. 4.1.5 61% respondents have taken loan from Scheduled Co-operative Bank. 4.1.6 45% respondents have opened account by approaching bank themselves. 4.1.7 36% respondents have taken more than 50% of total investment as loan. 4.1.8 72% respondents have taken loan from private/public sector banks. 4.1..1 52% respondents have taken education loan from private/public sector banks. 4.1.9 92% respondents have other account in private/public sector banks. * 41% respondents opened account because of online banking in private/public sector banks. 4.1.10 37% respondents have taken loan for working capital. 4.1.11 64% respondents are the members of Co-operative banks for more than 4 years. 4.1.12 46% of respondents hold 7.6%-10% of loan in shares in the Co-operative Bank. 4.1.13 41% respondents get 13-16% of dividend from Co-operative bank. 4.1.14 42% respondents responded that their bank provide Debit Card, 39% said online Banking. 4.1.15 35% respondents responded that convenient working hour is the benefit of taking loan from a Co-operative bank. 4.1.16 25% respondents responded that Limited geographical area is the main disadvantages of taking loan from a Co-operative Bank. 4.1.17 88% responded that the interest rate charged by the Co-operative bank is higher as compared to other banks. 4.1.18 68% respondents responded that they export.

* 92% respondents responded that their bank provide help in export finance. 4.1.19 32% respondents visit bank 6-7 times in a month.
4.1.20 55% respondents responded that the Co-operative bank staffs are Co-operative. 4.1.21 38% respondents responded that they are average satisfied from the...
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