Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards

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Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards Assessment
PSY 320

Job Redesign and Assessment
Goal setting is an important aspect of motivational techniques. A business that sets goals or has an employee set accomplishment goals will have more productivity that than those who do not set goal. The following paper is a look into the writer’s job and its system of goal setting, performance evaluation, and workplace reward system in regards to job satisfaction. Major components, tasks, and responsibilities of the job will be identified. The writer will discuss current company-wide rewards and examine and evaluate if the rewards are effective in motivating employees. Finally, how goals are used at the company in regards to the specific job will be identified as well as how the goals are set. The Job

AMC Industries is a company trying to find its feet again. After the recession came crashing through the economy, AMC lost its place of business, most of its machines, and had to let go of almost all of its employees. Two businessmen, one who was to be the CFO and the one that was to be the new president, purchased the failing company with intentions of turning it around. They kept one of the production assistants to become the new head if production. Currently, there are the three managers, the employee that draws up plans and writes programs, the employee that handles ordering of supplies and office work, one finisher, one maintenance man, and four woodworkers. The writer’s job is that of a woodworker.

AMC does not perform evaluations that are tracked by paper work. IF an evaluation is done, then it is done by talking between the three managers. The rewards, or lack of rewards, do impact productivity. Craftsmen want a paycheck, but it is also nice to feel like what they do matters and that they are appreciated. The lack of rewards and praise has negative impacts on job satisfaction. Major Components

A woodworker or craftsman’s primary job is to complete projects...
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