Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards

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Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards Assessment
Tonya Bland
October 8, 2012
Elizabeth Riegner

Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards Assessment
Job redesign and workplace awards are ways to improve employee performance and the organization’s productivity. It is important that the organization get the maximum from an employee while at the same the employee should be satisfied in the workplace. In this paper, I will address the system of goal-setting, performance evaluation, and workplace rewards that impact productivity, both positively and negatively, and job satisfaction at my place of employment.

Before I discuss my position as a correctional officer, I will first explain job redesign and workplace rewards, and how they can affect workplace motivation. Job redesign creates and reconstitutes positions at the workplace according to the functions and capabilities of the worker that are both appealing to individuals and in alignment with the organization’s strategy and vision (Hackman, 1999). The term work redesign refers here to activities that involve the alteration of specific jobs with the intent of improving both productivity and the quality of employee work experiences. Organizations can use job redesign to improve the procedures of the organization through effective problem-solving and increased adaptability to changing environmental conditions. Any inconsistencies that exist between the employee and the job can be handled by this reconstruction. It involves the planning of the job including its contents, the methods of performing the job, and how it relates to other jobs within the organization. According to Davis (1997), “Job redesign can improve organizational performance through job rotation, horizontal job enlargement, vertical job enlargement and the creation of autonomous working groups.” Job rotations allow the workers to do a variety of jobs making so everyone can experience the simple jobs and the hard jobs. This enables the employees with the hard jobs not to get burnt out on that one position. It is a good idea for swap places so they can learn other tasks. This will increase their job experience. One job may come with more training and responsibility will be an advantage on the employee’s work history. Davis (1997) explains, “Added responsibility for planning and for quality control indicates to a person that he or she is being trusted to exercise judgment. Vertical job enlargement gives the worker more responsibilities in handling his or her job. It is also known as job enrichment because it contributes to self-esteem. He further explains, “Jobs must be meaningful and challenging, provide feedback on performance, and call on their decision-making skills. Jobs must be designed in such a way that they allow the organization to take full advantage of technological breakthroughs without alienating the workers affected by change. Redesigning jobs allow companies to retain skilled workers, while enhancing output.”

Job redesign can be handled in many ways. The specifications of the job are changed to provide employees with additional responsibility for planning, setting up, and checking their own work; for making decisions about work methods and procedures; for establishing their own pace; and for dealing directly with the clients who receive the results of the work. Also, the work may be designed as a group task, in which case a team of workers is given autonomous responsibility for a large and meaningful module of work. Such teams typically have the authority to manage their own social and performance processes as they see fit; they receive feedback and often rewards as a group; and they may even be charged with the selection, training, and termination of their own members (Hackman, 1999).

Workplace reward is a commonly used method to motivate employees. These rewards motivate the employees and enhance the quality of their work life. It increases their on-the-job...
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