Job Performance Evaluation of Remington Hotel Selected Employees

Topics: Employment, Motivation, Hotel Pages: 14 (1938 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Statement of the Problem:

This study was undertaken to determine the “Job Performance evaluation of Remington

Hotel Selection Employees”

In pursuance to support the major objective, the following sub-problems were raised:

1.) What is the purpose of the respondents?

2.) What are the different performances given by the management to the employees?

3.) What extent these performances affected to the employees of Remington Hotel?

4.) Is there any significant difference on the affecting job performances in Remington Hotel?

5.) What problems are encountered by the respondents with regards to these employees?

6.) What suggestions can be given to address these problems?

“Job Performance evaluation of Remington Hotel Selection Employees”


* I choose this kind of research because I want to conduct this to the employees of

Remington Hotel and to know if there employees are satisfied in the work that they’ve

Done to their company instead.

* As a future hotel employee, It will help for me to know the task of their work related and
Also if the performance of the work is good enough to the employees.

* Also if the managers of each department treat their employees better and motivated.


* The challenge at work is to create an environment in which people are doing their

Performance about work priorities.

* Companies failed to pay attention to their employees needs and wants and the issues that

Are most important to people.

* This study will seek the Job Perfomances of the employees of Remington Hotel that will

Be significant to a number of employees in achieving organizations success and


Background of the Study:

Remington hotel offers 3 -star amenities. the Remington Hotel is a 700-room hotel designed to

cater to travelers who want affordable accommodation. The hotel is bounded by three major

thoroughfares, namely Sales Street, Newport Boulevard (formerly Manlunas Street) and

Andrews Avenue. The hotel guestroom occupies the second up to the sixth floor and the

serviced apartments occupy the seventh up to the ninth floor. The ground floor welcomes the

guests via its main lobby and some retail establishments flanking Newport Boulevard. Back-of-

house facilities and parking areas are located at the two basement levels.

The hotel adopts some tenets of sustainable design. It has naturally cross ventilated hallways and

large windows at guestrooms to maximize natural lighting.

A storm water collecting system handles the irrigation requirement for all landscape areas and a

ducted-type, energy efficient heat pump handles water heating requirements. The cooling

requirement for selected areas is also addressed by the same energy saving pump system which

makes use of its system by-product in the form of recovered cool air.

The Remington Hotel is located in the centre of Pasay City, and is famous for its comfort and

service. Remington Hotel Manila adds luxury to your Pasay, Manila hotel. Each and every room

features Air conditioning and In-room safe. Other hotel services include 24 hour security and

lift/elevator. Arriving on time to Ninoy Aquino International Airport is possible because

Remington Hotel Manila is 2 kilometers away.

Significance of the Study

The research is done to be excellent use to the Remington Hotel owner industry, the duty

Managers, HRD Managers and the future researchers.

Hotel owners: For them to have better service and at the same time, to know what their

Employees need and wants. It can be also contribute in maintaining good working

relationship between the manager and employees.

Hotel Industry: For the industry to consistently acquire enormous advantages over their

competitors and to offer excellent service in serving the needs of the public....
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