Job Organization

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Understanding the different jobs in an organization is essential. Each employee should render the maximum contribution he is capable of making. For him to be able to do so, the tasks must be divided into jobs that can be performed effectively and also provide a source of satisfaction to the persons who are assigned to them. The tasks establishing the duties and responsibilities and standards for each job within an organization, therefore, is a most important of human resource management.

The job is the smallest unit into which the activities of an enterprise are divided. Jobs that are similar in terms of work performed and the qualifications that they require of employees may be grouped into families known as occupations. The portion of a job that is performed by an individual employee is called a position.

The job serves to define the activities of the organization that an employee is to perform. It provides the means for dividing and assigning the authority and responsibility that must be exercised by the incumbent job holders. Furthermore, it is the basis for selecting and training employees, for evaluating their performance and for determining the rate of pay.

The function of job organization and information is an offshoot of the organization structure which clearly delineates the different departments, division, sections and units in lights of its philosophy, resources and needs. It is the analysis and evaluation of each job that exists within the organization. It is detailed, organized, and systematic study of jobs.



A worker is usually assigned to perform tasks, duties and responsibilities which may differ from those of other jobs. Hence, to identify the jobs in an organization and to differentiate them from one another, each job category must be given a specific title. In some cases, however, job titles are too general to sufficiently describe the duties and responsibilities inherent in each. The same job is often called by different names and different jobs may be called by the same name although in some cases the title may have nothing to do with the actual duties of the employee, This is to be expected, because the duties, responsibilities and skills that go with jobs, although identified by the same titles, may vary from company to company.

Thus, no standard job descriptions and job specifications can be uniform in all firms. To determine the duties, responsibilities and skills pertinent to each job category, one has to analyze each position in terms of the duties and the responsibilities involved and the relationship of the job with other jobs. Along with these, one must determine the human traits, skills, knowledge and abilities of a worker to enable him to satisfactorily discharge the duties and responsibilities inherent in the position.

This process of studying positions, of describing the duties and responsibilities that go with jobs and of grouping similar positions into job categories is called job analysis.

• the process used to collect information about the duties, responsibilities, necessary skills, outcomes, and work environment of a particular job. • the process of describing and recording aspects of jobs and specifying the skills and other requirements necessary to perform the job. • is a process to identify and determine in detail the particular job duties and requirements and the relative importance of these duties for a given job. • is a process where judgements are made about data collected on a job.

It means looking with clinical eyes at what the employee does, how he does it, the purpose or the why for doing it, the skills involved, the supervision required and the existing working conditions.


1. To understand the importance of studying jobs and knowing what each worker does,...
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