Job Offer Negotiation

Topics: Negotiation, Contract, Best alternative to a negotiated agreement Pages: 6 (2448 words) Published: January 12, 2012
How did you prepare for this negotiation? Why did you prepare in this manner? A. Identify the issues that you thought were the most important issues to be negotiated, and briefly explain why you thought they were the most important. In preparation for this negotiation, I studied the case diligently. I wrote down, what I felt were the key issues for Joe Tech. I also made a list of pros and cons associated with each issue. I prepared in this manner because it gave me the opportunity to effectively break down the issues of the case as well as focus on important goals without having the extra unneeded information also presented in the case outline. The issues I focused on are as such: Position:

The position that I, as Joe Tech, was interested in was with the business development group. The position I was offered, however, was the associate product manager position. As an alternative, another prominent company, FourCom, has offered me the development position. The only concern with that offer is that the company does not have as great a reputation as Robust Routers and also I feel that I have already nurtured a relationship with Robust Routers where as I would be starting from “scratch” in terms of a relationship with FourCom. Salary:

The initial salary offer by Robust was $88,000 per year. This was $13,000 less than what I was offered by FourCom. However, once again I am more focused on reputation and company longevity. FourCom has been losing market share to Robust for the past two years. This is important because I need to work for a company that I know is at the top of its market and will guarantee me longevity, stability, and growth. Incentives:

Robust Routers offered a $10,000 signing bonus with a small relocation incentive. Although that was a respectable offer, their competition, FourCom, offered a $15,000 signing bonus with a generous relocation package. The reason I felt that this was an issue is because the average MBA graduate receives a $20,000 signing bonus. That is double what I was offered. Also the case did not discuss the specific amount offered by Robust in terms of a relocation incentive. Therefore, I felt these were issues to explore during the negotiation. Another company, a start up internet company, offered even better incentives, surpassing both Robust and FourCom. However, because this company posed the most risk in stability and longevity I did not consider this position a potential choice of employment but rather as leverage in the initial negotiation. B. Identify your target point, resistance point, BATNA, and interests that were associated with each of these issues, and briefly describe/explain how you determined them. In my preparations, I determined a target point, a resistance point, a BATNA, and interests associated to each issue. Below is an outline of that preparation: • Position: My target point for this issue was to be hired for the business development group and my resistance point was to take the associate product manager position with the promise of consideration later on. Regarding the BATNA I decided that for all issues in the negotiation, my BATNA would be to refuse the job offer from Robust Routers and take the offer with FourCom. My interest regarding this issue is that I feel that I would be more suited for the business development group position. Not only does the business development position pay more in salary but it is an all around better position. It meets my career goals. • Salary: My target point is to meet the salary offered by FourCom of $101,000 and my resistance point was $90,000. The interest, or motivation behind this issue, was that I felt that my workmanship is worth the high salary especially since another company, which is comparable to that of Robust, was willing to offer me 13,000 more than the offer made by Robust. • Incentives: The incentives that I was interested in were relocation expenses and...
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