Job Loss Essay

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Job Loss
Aaron Abbott
August 16, 2012
English II

Did you know that individuals are losing their jobs over their personal thoughts and opinions that they put on the social networking page? I know what you are saying “ my facebook is my business and no one elses”, well you are wrong when you say that because anyone can go on your page so it is probably best to complain and nag about your job on a social networking site. Firstly, did you know that in some contracts for big companies such as Wal-mart and Target it says that you can be terminated for disrespecting your employer, place of business, or company? Most people do not read their full contract so it comes to be surprising when they get fired for their actions and postings they decide to put on their page. Secondly, There was a teacher at a high school who was terminated because of pictures she posted on her Facebook page of her drinking a beer. She was outraged and tried to get her job back but did not succeed because her contract states that she could be terminated because her school has a no alcohol policy. Thirdly, just like the woman from the school a man was fired for a posting made on his social networking page. This man did get his job back after fighting over the reason he was fired in the first place. If you are wondering what he was fired for commenting on a shooting that happened. He said “ she should have never been shot” That’s what he was for. Finally I would like say that please if you know what is best you would know not put anything on Facebook or any social networking sites. Also I would like to say that when you post things doesn't matter what you put things can be taken out context and flipped around on you.
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