Job Interview Techniques

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Career Information – Interview Techniques


Before the Interview

• Dress for an Interview
• Preparing for an Interview
• Job Interview Techniques
• Tell me about yourself
• Typical Interview Questions / Guide to Answers
• Questions to ask the Interviewer

Before the Interview


✓ Research the company – website, brochures, phone book ad, receptionist

✓ Research the job – receptionist, job contact

✓ Plan your transport

✓ Have the EXACT address

✓ Practice your questions – job, company, direction

✓ Practice your answers – tell me about yourself, what do you bring to the job

✓ Plan what you’re going to wear 2 days before – iron it and put it ALL on to make sure

✓ Have your paperwork ready in your portfolio – spares of everything, clean

✓ Get up to speed on current affairs – read the headlines for couple of days

✓ Know the name and pronunciation of the interviewer along with position title – who are they and how do they fit into the picture, anybody else in the interview


Give yourself plenty of time to:
• Arrive
• Refresh and gather your thoughts
• Revive
• Read over your notes and resume


Clothes – neat, clean, ironed and appropriate for position.

You – Be well groomed and confident. Carry a comb or brush with you and freshen up prior to going into the interview.

Resume – Make sure your resume is on clean paper and NOT creased or folded. Ensure the information is presented in an appealing, easy to read way and that is correct.

If you are in any way concerned that you may be late, call the Employer and notify them.

Dress for an Interview

Remember – First impressions last. If you look good, you will feel good.


• Business suit 
• Dark business shoes - remember to polish
• Business shirt
• Professional  tie ( leave the one with cartoons on it at home) • Dark socks (match trousers and shoes, keep the cartoon birthday socks for BBQs) • Neat haircut (if you have long hair, tie it back)

• Clean shaven (if you have a beard make sure it is trimmed) • Trousers, business shirt and tie are acceptable if you do not have a business suit  • Be careful not to use too much aftershave  


• Business suit (skirt / trousers and jacket)
• Court shoes -  remember to polish
• Neat haircut (if you have long hair, tie it back)
• Remove chipped nail polish
• Make-up (perhaps arrange to have a make-up consultation) • Stockings (if wearing a skirt)
• Skirt / trousers and a business shirt are acceptable if you do not have a business suit • Keep jewellery to a minimum
• Be careful not to use too much perfume

Preparing for an Interview

Before Interview

Arrive approx 10 minutes early.  This gives you time:

•  to gather your thoughts
•  to check your appearance
•  to ensure you are at the right address

Introduce yourself to the receptionist. Remember, their assessment of you starts as soon as you enter their premises.  You must always be polite and friendly. 

You should give to the receptionist: 

• your name and the time of your appointment
• the name of the person going to interview.  If you don’t know it, ask the receptionist!

Thank the receptionist, wait quietly and:

•  be careful how and where you sit
•  be ready for the interviewer

Greet the interviewer

• The interview has now started so make a good impression. Be ready to shake hands and introduce yourself. 

You must:

•  be alert and quick to respond to the interviewer
•  be mindful of your smile, your handshake and how you move

Enter the interviewer's office and:

• do not sit down until you have been invited to do so • if you have a choice, sit about an arms length from the interviewer’s  desk...
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