Job Interview Speech Outline

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Body language Pages: 4 (959 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience how to effectively use verbal and nonverbal communication in a job interview. Organizational Pattern: Time
Attention- Getting Opening: If you had a job interview tomorrow, what’s going to be the main thing running through your mind? For most people, it’s the questions they are going to ask. Job seekers spend most of their time rehearsing questions and answers in advance to not get caught off guard; but in reality, the difference between getting the job or not can be not from what you say, but how you say it and what your body is communicating. You can say many wonderful things about yourself, but your body language or speaking style may say otherwise.

These are the three key points to effectively using verbal and nonverbal communication in a job interview. 1. You must show confident, calm, and moderate body language. 2. You should use a professional and well-mannered speaking style. 3. You should dress appropriately and moderate.

Transition: To begin with…
I. You must show confident, calm, and moderate body language.
A. First Impressions
1. Make a calm and confident entrance
a. Over 90% of our communication is nonverbal, according to body language expert Susan Constantine (6)
b. You never know who is watching.
c. The interview starts even before you get to the interview room
2. Waiting
a. Sit up straight and chest open
b. Don’t have too many things on your lap

3. Handshake
a. Don’t overdo the death grip. Moderate but assertive.
b. Slightly submissive
c. Prepare belongings to your left to easily shake with right hand.

B. Starting the interview
1. Use “open” body language
a. Sit up straight, displaying your neck and torso.
b. Avoid seeming closed off.
c. Job search expert Amanda Augustine says to avoid overcorrecting as leaning back can be seen as boredom or lack of interest, but leaning too forward can be seen as...
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