Job in the Future

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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In the midst of this 21th -century bedlam, many economists and procrastinators believe that we are entering a Dark Age of economic stagnation, having held back by a broken and dysfunctional political system .To adapt with these economic and politic crisis, our old trend of job-orientation will developed in unexpected ways. One of those ways is mentioned in Reich’s prediction about how jobs in the future become. As stated in “The future of Work”, the occupational inclination in the future favors hands-on experience much more than simply formal education. Reich predicts that on-the-job experience shall account for the success of a worker on the job market as the market requirements become more and more realistic than ever. However, from my viewpoint, I contend that this concept is somehow insufficient and not insightful enough to cover the whole area of occupational requirements in the near future. I believe that one still needs both experience and education; however, whether which is more important depends mainly upon the career path one chooses. It is quite certain that a doctor, a surgeon, or a pharmacist need a serious, formalized training that medical school provides. Nonetheless, despite the fact that a doctor has already spent 6-7 years of formal education, he/she must also go through on-job-trainings with several clinical internships, residencies or professional specializations… On the other hand, as for someone that doesn’t involve in academically professions, hands-on experience is the best pathway to approach success. In such cases like military, business, marketing or art and cinema, realistic outlooks and years of experience play pivotal roles in shaping each individual attitude and personality toward his/her occupation. Although – by any means— I don’t want to denigrate the importance of a credential or a degree, it is likely that numerous companies and organizations nowadays have overrated formalized education so much that they...
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