Job Hopping

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Background and Scope of Study3
Objective of study6
Significant of study7
Limitation of study8
Literature Review9
Findings Results12
Theoritical Framework22

On our selection and finding for our research on Human Resource Management project. We agreed on the topic of “Job hopping, does is it due to a normal employment trend situation or based on certain level of age/generation affected?” Over the past decades the problem of job-hopping has became a problem on every Human Resource department on every organization.

In today’s economic uncertainty, for employees will see job-hopping as a way to provide job security for them. Employees often leave before downsizing occurs or take temporary jobs to pay the bills after layoffs have occurred, looking out for themselves and their families. Employees want work-life balance benefits to retain their quality of life and loyalty to family, not company, as well as career enhancement benefits to provide skills for their next job should a layoff occur.

Based on generation affected, it’s all depending on the level of attitude and loyalties they have on certain organization they work with. They may have some self ownership and responsibilities over companies operations and results. But not all of the generation was having the same opinion and it is now clear that this is an employment trend that affects every subsequent generation.

Background and Scope of study
The background of our study is focus on certain generation that exist and currently working or near retiring age. Based on Malaysian employment trend, the age usually for retirement especially in government sector is around 58 years old while for private sector usually longer than it. They are few generation that we taken as consideration such as Traditionalists (born 1925-1940) which will be aged 80 to 70 years old, Baby Boomers (born 1941-1960) which will be aged 69 to 50 years old, Generation X (born 1961-1976) which will be aged 49 to 34 years old, Generation Y (born 1977-1992) which will be aged 33 to 18 years old. We didn’t include the Strawberry Generation because they were not in the normal working age.

There are many differences between various generations in the workplace. The oldest members of the Baby Boomer Generation are beginning to retire and Generation X is not large enough to replace them. Then with the labour shortage is the fact that job-hopping is becoming a workplace trends, specifically with Generation X. Because of these trends, employee retention has the potential to be a driving force of Human Resource Management in planning resources in the twenty-first century

Today’s workplaces in organization were quite different from forty or fifty years ago. At that time, the Baby Boomer generation will have perception that will stick well with the chosen organization worked with. They will have the same thinking with the Traditionalists which grew up believing that the companies they worked with will take care of them forever and likely to stay in any organization for a long period of time

While for the Generation X, they in era which will be affected or lay off when an organization being aggressive profit making, reduce costs and downsizing approaches. It grew along with the current economic factors that prioritize the performance of the company made. Then the current working style which much different from last time where they required much more mobile rather than stayed in one placed for a long period in order to gain faster promotion and reputation. Due to this the job-hoppers became a trend in nowadays.

Generation X workers tend to change jobs every eighteen to thirty six months on average (Muetzel 2003). In a Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) study of HR professionals, 62 percent of those in large organizations felt that employee retention, and therefore, job-hopping, was an issue...
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