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  • Published : September 26, 2010
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Gwen L JonesJune 13, 2010

Job Fair Brochure

Carlos Garcia

Course BUS 210

The structure, business model and culture I selected for my business. I think that the business structure for my company is market structures in the Salon/ Spa we are all doing different serves that our customer wants from a wash, a cut, colors, perms, manicures, pedicures, facials, massages and many more. My salon is specialist in doing different ethic hair. We have worked hard to please our customer so in the long run it well up the business will continue to be successful. Each customer has their own taste and style, of how they like for their hair, nails and body to look or feel like. My marketing team has created great idea to market our hair care products. I don’t think the business structure that I have for my company will affect us. The reason I picked the market structure for my business is because the structure is design to insure that the customers are satisfy with the services that they receive.

The business model for my company is to increase our profit we take pride in our employees and customers we value them very much. And try to insure that our employees receive the proper training they need to do their job and stay up with the latest styles. The business model have is to encourage my employee when you work hard, you can play hard. And still provide excellent customer service with a good profit in return. The reason I picked the profitably business model. I like for my business to provide up scales service at a fair price for a larger profit then my competitors.

The business culture that my businesses have is organizational culture. In my company the workplaces that all three locations is culture friendly and our employees are valued as a person as well as a worker. Our employees react with each others and the customers on a very professional level. The behavior and attitudes of my employee fits just right...
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