Job Fair Brochure

Topics: Childhood, Organizational structure, Developmental psychology Pages: 3 (859 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Job Fair Brochure
Shawntaya Lewis
February 10, 2013
Ms. Ella Noflin


Functional and Geographic structure
Being an employee at Taya’s child development center means everyone will work together to meet the need of the parent and children in the neighborhood. Teachers will provide high quality care. Teachers will have experience and education in early childhood education.

Business Model
Our company is dedicated to meet each child indivual needs. We cater to infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. We will help guide the children through social emotional, sensory, and congnitive skills. We offer full time and part time quailty care.

Organizational Culture
Our company culture values employees who are motivated, energetic, creative, and dedicated. We will have weekly meetings to gather creative ideas to create fun learning experiences for the children. We value input that leads to growth. Employees must be trustworthy, team players, and have strong communication skills.

Taya’s child development center is set up within functional and geographic structure. Our functunal structure focus on our employees working together because of their expertise to meet the childrens needs. We have a director, assisant director, lead teachers, assistant teachers, and teachers aids that work together. Our geographic structure focus on to make sure we are meeting the need of the community. We are dedicated to serve the children in our neghborhood. We are a full time service child development center. I selected functional structures because in order to run a child development center I need experience and educated teacher to work together to provide high quality child care. Employees grouped together because they have the same expertise of the same jobs, so they can easily communicate and share information with each other. They can often make decisions quickly and effectively by working together. “A functional...
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