Job Enrichment and Growth Satisfaction

Topics: Regression analysis, Job satisfaction, Motivation Pages: 38 (10311 words) Published: April 7, 2011

The study being presented is a Group Project by MS students of Management Sciences. The aim of the project is to study relationship between Job Enrichment and the Growth Satisfaction. The study is based on the Job Characteristic theory and the main characteristics used as independent variables of the Job Enrichment are; Task Significance, Task Identity and the Skill Variety, whereas, Task Meaningfulness has been used as the Intervening Variable. As the study under discussion involves prediction of relationship among various Job characteristics, the simple as well as multiple regression modeling techniques using SPSS were employed for the testing of various Hypothesis. Non availability of expertise on SOBLE testing and application of MACROS within the group remains the limitation of study, as the predictive relationship of Intervening Variable, ‘ Task Significance’ could not be optimally reported, however, the effect of intervening variable was fairly well understood through the comparison of various regression models. Though the model adopted has fairly well confirmed the positive linear relationship between the Job Enrichment and Growth Satisfaction, however, the study is not exhaustive as all the characteristics of the Job Characteristic Theory could not been studied due paucity of time , as such lot of scope for further research exists.


It has always been the aim of almost every level of humane management to bring in efficiencies into the managerial systems since its inception to accrue maximum with the minimum. Where in technical domain, this achievement has become much matured thanks to modern technologies; bringing in efficiencies in the Human Resource still remains largely unexplored and demanding. Requirement of quality motivated manpower capable to be deployed on variety of jobs was felt fundamentally because of the improved new technologies, down-sizing, right sizing and flatter organizational hierarchies which required less but more qualified workforce. This fact actually gave birth to the concept of Job enrichment, meaning thereby vertically raising the job difficulty level of workers. This single fact actually brought along with it a number of challenges both for the managers and especially for the researchers of the Management sciences. The study of job enrichment has attracted lot of interest of the research community and a lot of has been done in this field since Maslow’s era. Many studies have been conducted under the umbrella of various motivational theories. This fact has been abundantly reflected in the literature review of this study. The study is being presented as MS class project and was conducted under the auspicious of Job Characteristic Theory. The aim of the model used for this study is to establish a positive relationship among job characteristics. The population from which the sample has been drawn belongs to cadre of middle and lower management from the Karachi cosmopolitan. In view of the limited time available as class project, the scope of the study remains limited as it is not possible to treat all the job characteristics which require a bigger sample and complex modeling techniques. The analysis has been conducted using simple and multiple regression techniques to establish positive correlation and linear relationship among various variables with the help of computer aided software SPSS. Various limitations and further scope for research has also been discussed while concluding the study.

Job Enrichment which initially started with the works of one of the theories as Hackman & Oldham’s Job Characteristics theory of 1970. Although many did prefer previously established simpler tasks model of Frederick Taylor but as the behavioral aspect emerged especially from the Hawthorne Studies conducted the psychological aspect of the employees also emerged in the forefront as compared to the technical aspect only...
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