Job Design, Recruiting and Selection

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Human Resources
October 18, 2010

Assignment #1: Individual Project, Executive Chef

(Job Design, Recruiting & Selection)

1. Job Analyses and Design
Badda Bings Fine Dining Ristorante

Position Title:
Executive Chef

Reports To:
General Manager, Joe Blow


Prepared by:
General Manager, Joe Blow

Approved By:
Owner, Ivana Blow

Sous-chef, Assistant Sous-chef, Line Cook, Expeditor, and Dishwasher


Your job is to plan the menu, kitchen work schedule, finances and food supply orders. You will lead lower kitchen management to manage their human resources effectively, while also communicating clearly with your peers so that business runs thoroughly. Leading the kitchens success is your highest priority.

Duties, Responsibilities, and Tasks:

* Ensure that all culinary dishes are planned up to be served on schedule under the set bill time of the dish item so customers get their food in a reasonable and perceived time and so that table turnover can be managed in a effective, efficient manner. * Supervise all of the prepared food items that leave the kitchen for guests when working during lunch and dinner rushes so that dishes can be guaranteed to be the most top quality as possible. * Create new menu items, and modify and replace existing ones as well, using your food knowledge and creativity that fit the purpose of Italian fine dining as needed so that the menu selection remains effective for the customer. * Keeping up and responding to new trends in the food industry on a continuous basis to keep the restaurant up with the times and new opportunities. * Leading and working with kitchen management in a team setting on creating new menu items so that the most ideas can be brought into discovering, developing and preparing new dishes that relate to Italian dining. * Maintaining impeccable hygiene for yourself and uniform, and work area so appearance and cleanliness is kept in check at the work place and that you can lead by example to your work mates. * Make sure your new staff learns proper cooking skills that applies to the menu and that their job relates to, so that they know all responsibilities, tasks, and duties for their position. * Lead by example in all areas of work when you are performing the same or similar duties and responsibilities as other kitchen workers to help them follow in correct format to how duties and responsibilities are to be followed through. * Maximizing the productivity of the kitchen staff so that the restaurants kitchen budget is spent as efficiently as possible, this includes setting time schedules for kitchen staff as well. * Communicating properly to your subordinates, peers and superiors in a clear and appropriate manor so that everyone that needs to know of certain issues is well informed. * Managing subordinates in a proper line of authority to get duties and responsibilities completed in an orderly fashion. * Manage and plan enough food to be prepped ahead of time so that it is more accessible and quicker to be cooked and set for the customers. * Planning and counting food products, and ordering supplies over the phone to suppliers when needed for the restaurant yourself so that the kitchen has enough stock to fulfill customer orders but not too much is ordered so perishable foods do not expire before sale. * Periodically check with other kitchen management on operations to ensure business is running smoothly in the most effective and efficient manor. * Communicating to the general manager on new and existing menu items of what seems innovative or has a higher selling percentage status so that he or she can market those dishes accordingly. * Teaching bar and dining room management on new menu items in a one to one basis when new menu items are being placed in the restaurant menu so that they can teach their department staff knowledgably on...
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