Job Design

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  • Published : May 25, 2013
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1. Job design:
For many people, job design is as important as fair remuneration in motivating employees to be more effective. Job design (Kamble, 2012) has an influence on employee motivation, job satisfaction and commitment to an organization. Jobs are often designed in a way that encourages specialization. However, an often-overlooked problem with specialization is that it generally has a negative impact on employee motivation that can lead to boredom and a feeling of detachment from the overall goals and success of an organization. Therefore, managers nowadays need other techniques to design the job that can motivate employees effectively.

A technique to provide employees with more variety in their work is job rotation, where employees move around different jobs periodically (, n.d. ). This method could motivate employees by not only avoiding the monopoly of job, but also giving them chances to learn new knowledge, skills and experiences that can bring employees with satisfaction in work.

On the other hand, by job rotation, the organization can avoid fraudulent practice. Specifically, if an employee keeps a job, for example in a bank, for a long time, he may find out an error in the system of organization that enable him to make advantage to cheat and gain individual profit. However, the job rotation also has some disadvantage. It can cause the interruption in work for employees. In addition, it may take cost and time for training employees for a new job (, n.d) . Moreover, another drawback of this way is that employees would have the same authority, responsibility and salary that could lead to the demotivation for employees. These drawbacks of this method of reward would be complemented by others.

Job enlargement is a job design technique wherein employees would receive an increase in the number of tasks associated with a certain job (BPP Learning Media, 2010). According to Herzberg’s motivators and Hygiene...
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