Job Descriptions

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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Job Descriptions
Brenda Harris
PSY 302
April 14, 2013
Gary Boyles

Job Description
Job descriptions are one of the most important tools employers can use to articulate the most important outcomes needed from their employees. They are essentially a tool to tell the employee or potential employee where their job leaves off and jobs of other employees begin. They tell the employee exactly where their job fits in within their department and the company as a whole. They also help other employees from other departments understand exactly where the boundaries lie between the departments (Brennan & Blades, 2008).

The following is a job description for a cost accountant position which I worked several years ago.

Cortec Coated Products

|Job Title: Cost Accountant |Job Code: | |Department: Accounting |Job Grade: 8 | |Revision Date: 6/5/09 |Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA): |

Position Overview: The cost accountant position is accountable for the ongoing analysis of process constraints, target costing projects, margin analysis, and tracing costs back to underlying activities. The cost accountant must also construct and monitor those cost-effective data accumulation systems needed to provide an appropriate level of costing information to management.

Essential Job Functions

Data Collection
1.Construct data accumulation systems for a cost accounting system. 2.Create and review the controls needed for data accumulation and reporting systems.

1.Coordinate physical inventory counts and cycle counts. 2.Investigate cycle counting variances and resolve issues. 3.Update standard costs in the bill of materials.
4.Review standard...
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