Job Description for a Childminder

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  • Published : July 12, 2012
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For a Childminder

To create a positive working relationship with parents, following their guidance and wishes with regard to the care and nurture and traditions expressed by them. •In accordance with the EYFS I aim to provide stimulating and enjoyable activities and resources which are safe, suitable for the child’s stage of development, yet provide challenges where appropriate. Taking into account each child’s individuality and interests. •I provide a safe environment to play and learn, with policies and procedures in place for Health and Safety, Food hygiene, Risk Assessments for activities and outings and I am First Aid trained – which is reviewed every 3 years. •I praise positive behaviour and have simple house rules which all children and parents can understand. Discipline is maintained using positive practices. I will not smack or shout at or belittle any child in my care. •I have undertaken Child Protection/ Safe Guarding training and I am fully aware of signs of abuse. I know and understand what my responsibilities are and how to report any concerns I may have. •I respect the dietary requirements of each child and provide healthy and notorious meals. I help the children to learn how to eat healthy and why this is important. •Children are given equal opportunities to have experiences and make healthy choices and also to begin to risks assess their actions. •I will communicate with other professionals who may have advice to give with regard to a child’s learning and development. Health Visitors, Teachers, Pre-School leaders, and any information is dealt with the strictest confidence. All details are confidential. •I adhere to guidance from relevant regulatory bodies; Ofsted, Local Authority, Local Authority Child Protection Board. •All records, observations and contracts are kept confidential and I am registered with the ICO. •I follow the EYFS when planning activities etc and...
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