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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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Job description is a written description details of the position major responsibilities, identifies the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to perform the job. It supports effective human resources management in a variety of ways. A job description should contain sufficient information describing major responsibilities and essential functions. According to the textbook, while there is no format for a job description, almost all well-written, useful descriptions will include information on job title, summary, equipment, environment, and activities. * Job titles are official names or designations for the title of the job and other identifying information such as wage and benefits classification. It contains a specific role in a specific job, the position of the job, and levels within the job structure of an organization. Job titles also contain an individual as an officer of the company with certain responsibilities for which they are legally accountable in that position. Examples of job titles are: A human resource manager, or director etc. * Summary: In the summary section should include a one-or-two sentence statement describing the purpose of the job and outputs. In other words it should define the essential responsibilities of the position. For example; edits, formats, conduct objective etc. * Equipment: In the section should describe clear statement of the job equipment, tools, and description of the effectively performing the job. For example; computer, fax machine and printer etc. * Environment: The Working Conditions / Environment section describes irregular or unusual work schedules and any conditions of the physical environment that an employee may find unpleasant or hazardous. It includes a description of the work environment work schedule, how often, and for how long, incumbents are exposed to the conditions. For example: The incumbent will be required to work on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) during,...
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