Job Decprtion of Construction Maintence Worker

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The job description of construction maintenace is a worker that provides repair and cleaning support in many ways and types for variety of places.The types of services that a maintenance worker provides are landscaping properties and construction sites. the outlook of a maintenance worker of the maintenance feild are empolyed widely and more than 1.3billion people were empolyed widely and more than 1.3 billion people were empolyed in the feild in the year of 2008. The employment growth has been expected to be average between 2008 -2018 and the job opportunities were predicted to be excelent. The eduaction requirement for most states is that the maintenance worker to be trained in a progarm appoved by the national architectural board . These progarms generaly result in a bachelor of architecture, Master of Architeure or a Ph.D In Architecture or doctor of Architecture. The only addtional educarion requriments for the career is to renew the lincess each year for their other lincess like electrian lincness any many other. The Loacation for this very between many loaction arcoss the untied states from diffrent college campus, house, buniess and homes and many more things. The start salary for a maintence worker is a median annnual wage of $ 34,620 as of May 2009.There are many chances for advance in the career are geart demand but there not many advance the advance the career of a superivor of a maintenace wroker and many other head places. the reason the that I pick the is that dad use to work on road construction.
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