Job Characteristics Model

Topics: Motivation, Job satisfaction, Organizational studies and human resource management Pages: 4 (1017 words) Published: February 19, 2012
The job characteristics model was projected in the 1970s by Richard Hackman and Greg Oldham to present a comprehensive and precise description of the consequences of job design involving motivation, job satisfaction, performance, and other vital features of organizational behavior. The job characteristics model concentrates on the aspect that makes jobs intrinsically motivating. Hackman and Oldham rationalize that when employees are intrinsically motivated, good performance makes them feel good. This feeling motivates them to persist to execute at a high level, so good presentation becomes self-reinforcing. [pic]

Core Job Dimensions
Any job has five core dimensions that influence intrinsic motivation, according to the job characteristics model. The better a work scores on each dimension, the better the degree of intrinsic motivation.

1) Skill variety refers to the need to use different skills for successful completion of job tasks. More variety here generally leads to enhanced motivation. High variety: The self employed electrician, who does electrical repair, does body work, rebuilds engines, and interrelate with clients. Low variety: A general worker who sweep the floor every day.

2) Task identity is the degree to which a work engages executing a whole piece of job from its beginning to its end. The higher the level of task identity, the more intrinsically motivated an employee is likely to be. High identity: A carpenter, who plans a piece of chair, selects the wood, builds the item, and finishes it to excellence. Low identity: A worker in a cake shop only prepares the dough for cakes and the remaining job was done by others.

3) Task significance is the degree to which a job has an influence on the lives or job of other people inside or outside of the organization. Workers are more possible to benefit from performing their works when they think their works are significant in the broader scheme of things. High significance: Nursing the sick in an...
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