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Unit 2 – Task 1 P1: Describing the Recruitment Documentation There is a range of documentation produced in order to recruit new staff, including job descriptions, person specifications, advertisements and application forms. It is important to understand what these documents contain and the reasons for this information. You need to collect examples from the coffee industry for each of the below. You could look for a manager, barista, cleaner or similar position for any of the coffee companies. Job AdvertThis is a job advert which provides the necessary information for a café manager and advertises the vacancy. It focuses on the type of person the company are looking to find who would be right for the job.It contains the date the advert was posted online; the name of the group recruiting; whether the job is permanent or temporary; how much the salary is; the location; closing date of applications; information about the company and a detailed description about the job and the person needed.This is useful as it allows anyone applying understand if they are right for the job (if they fit the personal description) and if they are able to get to the location and are skilled enough to apply.The coffee company would use this as it gives all of the important information needed and due to the size of the company and the amount of people applying by using the internet and receiving the forms online it allows the company to eliminate anyone who would not be qualified enough for the job. |

Job Description:This is a piece of information which contains the job description, therefore for anyone wishing to apply for the job they have some idea of the responsibilities they will have.A job description contains the purpose of the job; who it is responsible to; the hours they will have to work; the tasks they have to complete and the customer service.This is useful as it allows the applicant to see the tasks and responsibilities they have to take part in within the job, it also gives them the idea of how many hours they will be working within the week.The coffee company would use this because if there was no job description it wouldn’t allow them to get the appropriate person to apply who has the correct skills to do the job.|

Person Specification:This is a job advert which shows the skills, requirements and qualifications which the applicant needs to be able to apply for the job.The personal specification contains the qualifications, training, experience, skills, abilities and knowledge which is essential for the job.This specification is useful as it allows the applicants to understand if they have the correct attributes for the job being advertised.The coffee company would use this as it meant the only applications they would receive would be correct for the job making it easier when deciding if they applicant goes through the interview process or not.|

Application Form:This is the application form that the applicants have to complete and give to the company they wish to work for.This contains the personal information that is required ( name, birthdate, address, contact details, emergency contacts and skills) as well as the work availability and experience they have had in the past.This is useful as it allows the applicant to write down and prepare any information instead of saying it from the top of their head furthermore it is more professional to use a form.The coffee company would use this as they are able to read simple information about the person applying and they are able to see if they are suitable for the job before going through the interview process.|

Unit 2 P2: Getting a Job with a high street coffee company: Key Employability skills

Explain the key qualifications that abarista at a coffee company will need. To be a barista you need to have key skills and experience, the skills include hard worker, creativity and a good communicator. Furthermore the type of experience needed is past work in other coffee...
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