Job Analysis Paper

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Job Analysis Paper
Ada N. Bren
June 11, 2013
Batrina Martin

Job Analysis Paper

Police Officers Analysis
Becoming a police officer is a job that has many significant risks as well as enormous responsibilities. There is a lot that goes on within the law enforcement field. A lot of the things that goes on in this field can affect a person’s mind. So, it is very important for a person that may want to apply for a police officer’s job to know exactly what is involved in the job. It is also important for the person to know that a police officer has to deal a lot with different stresses while on the job. Before a person begins his or her job as a police officer, he or she must go through a number of extensive assessments in order to find if an individual is mentally competent and physically capable to endure the stressors that come along with the job. These assessments will assure the organization in which the applicant is trying to become a part of that he or she is competent enough to handle the job both psychologically and physically. There are many organizations that will use a job analysis for describing a specific job. When an individual starts a new job, the individual should receive a detailed list of job duties that are required for that particular job. A detailed description of the job and what the job involves will leave little chance for any errors or the required responsibilities of the job. The job selected belongs to that of a police officer and the work-oriented job analysis will be utilized.      The work-oriented analysis gives an examination of the knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics (KSAO’s) (Spector, 2008). The duties of a police officer consist of a multitude of responsibilities. Most of the job duties that are required of a police officer consist of many physical duties. When the KSAO’s method is utilized to perform a job analysis in an organization, it will typically weed out any potential candidates who do not have the skills that are needed to be a police officer.   A job as a police officer will require that the individual be physically fit. A potential candidate for police officer must have the ability to pass a physical examination that will consist of different monotonous activities. One has to be able to pass a written assessment. The job requires that each applicant must have the capability to be able to of stand and walk for long period. They would even have to lift objects that weigh up to 200 pounds, pushing and pulling in emergency type conditions. The individual would even have to bend from waste down in all types of conditions (Job Analysis- Police officers, n.d.). Evaluate the reliability and validity of your job analysis.

According to the job analysis a police officer has other duties that include using special equipment that includes a two-way radio, a gun and material to write their reports. Police officers also uses a night-stick, tape, handcuffs and a lot of other material to assist them in making the job a lot safer and easier (Job Analysis- Police officers, n.d.). The KSAO’s will provide all the qualifications that are required for a police officer to complete their job (Job Analysis, n. d.). Supervisors, employees, and job analysts execute the tasks of analyzing and collecting employment information. Job incumbents have the most accurate and complete information; however, being sure the results are dependable and obtaining this data requires for one to be attentive to data-collection methods (PAQ, 2010). An employee’s approval of the results is a main concern, and employee’s participation in data analysis and collection tends to support this. * A supervisor may know or may not know their subordinate’s jobs sufficiently to be reliable and valid sources of job information. A job...
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