Job Analysis of Operational Manager

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Job Analysis of
Operational Manager

1. What is the job’s overall purpose ?
The general purpose of this job is to ensure that all of the production activities go well done from input to process to output. All of the quality and quantity of firm’s product are COO’s responsible. 2. Where does the job take place ?

It could be work indoor or outdoor area. Indoor job such as meeting or evaluating performances from COO’s staf and out job like supervisoring the whole activities in field or survey vendors. 3. When does the job work ?

There is not specific working hours because the job take part when there is crucial activity such as survey vendor or supervisoring or meeting but it could be Monday untill Friday. 4. Who link to the job ?

Internal company:-General manager
* Staff
Eksternal company:-Vendor or supplier
5. Why does the job link to GM, staff, and vendor or supplier ?
Because, from the internal side, the job has responsibility to its general manager to give report about production activity and the job has authority to give instruction to its staff and from the eksternal side the job has responsibility to reduce input as cheap as possible. 6. How does the job work ?

The job works in ensure time but it has deadline to do. It could work indoor or ourdoor area. Communication skill is important to have because it has to communicate the goal of operation division to its staff and to communicate what the company wants and expect to its vendor or supplier.
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