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Job Profile
The Front Office in a hotel is most noticeable department and the front desk occupies a high-flying place at the lobby in every hotel in world. The front office is a single point of contact to guest and that makes the staff to be structured, courteous, well-behaved and proficient. This makes front office a nerve center where communications and accounting operations are major role of a front desk management. This department is lead by a Front Office Manager. A person to lead a team of all front desk team coordinators and team leaders, various guest service agents, concierge, night auditors and travel desk. The following chat represents the hierarchy of the any hotel in general and the level of a Front Office Manager;

Job Analysis
The Job analysis is a principal tool to collect job related information’s. The practice often results in collection and record keeping of two data set i.e. job specification and job description. Every job vacancy is not filled until Human Resource Manager has these two specified information’s. It is compulsory to define the 2 sets for every organization to fit the right person at the right place in the right time. Job specification and Job description both play an important part in the process of job analysis data. And writing them and understanding them clearly and precisely facilitate both company and workers cope with many difficulties on shop floors. This process also helps both employer and employee ascertain and comprehend what accurately needs to be delivered any by what way. Job Description

A front office manager is the most senior designated person in the Front Office Operations department and is accountable for sustaining the professional work surroundings, staff supervision, and accounts management along with administrative ropes. Often they shoulder varied responsibilities, at the diplomacy of the management owners. These work responsibility vary indifferently from managing work coursework to approving inventory purchase for office to managing accounting operations with sales and finance colleagues. The job in specific depends upon the company needs and wants, usually company specifies these elements as Task, Functions and Responsibilities (TFR). To perform their duties and responsibilities efficiently, Front office managers use various skills. The most know skills are; * A thorough knowledge of the organisation

* Understanding of company’s product
* Consciousness of roles of subordinates and employee’s in department.
The complete knowledge of the products, company formation, and various other inputs permits the manager to efficiently dispense the job responsibilities and effectively manage the company resources while maintaining a sound working surrounding in the workplace. The Job profile often insist on oversee forthcoming projects and meet the time limit, overcoming delays and hurdles in between the process. To carry out these purposes, a front office manager has to have multi-tasking skills and should be exceptional in written and oral communication ability. Few more important functions of front office operations manager are; * Office spirits

* Staff support
* Crisis management
* Troubleshooting
* Guest services

Duties and Responsibilities:
To ensure highest standards of service and offer finest guest experiences, the manager has to be the one to establish and maintain proficient relationship with guest in the hotel and the clienteles. The listed out duties and responsibilities are; * To manage front desk operations including Cashier and Desk Associates. Make certain that policies are standard operating procedures (SOP) are met as per company standards.

* Scrutinize day status on open and close, to ascertain the best possible room revenue and maximize through yield management.

* Coordinate with other ancillary department like Engineering, Housekeeping in regard to smooth...
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