Job Analysis Case Study

Topics: Disability, Employment, Disability rights movement Pages: 3 (868 words) Published: February 4, 2012
The three demands that I chose were to develop a training program, developing an employee performance review and developing a training program for the handicapped. I chose these three demands over the other demands because I think that if you have these you can have a great work place for both the employee and the employer. I also think that if you can get a training program for the handicapped that this can help with your business by receiving money from the IRS.

Develop a training program
Having an effective training program will give the employee confidence in doing their job which will lead to the employer knowing that the employee can do the job correctly and without incident. This will also give the employer peace of mind knowing that their employees have been trained and are all up to date with any safety training that they need. In the training program you need to have an instructor and most importantly a mentor that the employee can go to when he has a question about his job or if he has a question. You will also want to implement an open door policy so that your employees feel safe knowing that they can come to you at anytime to talk to you about any issues that they may have.

Employee performance review process
Having an employee performance review is much needed not only for the employee but to the employer as well. This is good for the employee because it gives them feedback on their job performance and gives them goal that they can achieve and goals that they can achieve in the future. This performance review also talks about objectives that were not met beyond the stated goals. This evaluation also talks about risks and expectations. The employee should also be able to do a performance review on their immediate supervisor so that the employer knows if the supervisor is doing their job in training and advocating for the employee. I’m sure that the supervisors won’t think that it is fair that the employee gets a chance to review their...
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