Job Analysis at Ovania Chemical

Topics: Woman, Critical thinking, Selection Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: April 29, 2013
1.How would you go about conducting a job analysis for a job that does not yet exist?

It would need to be a future-oriented approach. This approach should take into account the organizational needs when restructuring the job. Identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for the job. Specifically, those that satisfy the organizational requirements. Assemble the experts for this job (managers, supervisors, etc.) together and find out how future issues are to affect the job. Consult with individuals knowledgeable about the expected future job changes and look at their knowledge, skills, and abilities. And, finally, isolate the tasks, knowledge, skills, and abilities that have the greatest changes.

You could complete a functional job analysis, because it utilizes an inventory of the various types of work activities that constitute any job. Then, if possible, complete a position analysis questionnaire. Following that you would need to do a critical incident method to identify critical job tasks. Then complete a task inventory analysis. Then complete a competency-based analysis. And, finally complete a human-resources-information and web-based job analysis using software programs. In other words, I would do all of these methods and combine them in order to arrive at the best possible analysis of the job that does not exist yet.

2.What reasons did the selection committee have for selecting only those factors that could not be acquired in a two-year training program?

Because there was a two-year lead time before the position would be put in place there would be that much time to train the selected employee and prepare them for the position. Therefore, any skills or knowledge that could reasonably be acquired or trained during a two-year lead time was not part of the selection committee’s factors. However, if management feels it will be problem for the women candidates, they can let them know up front about the issue and ask them to sign off on...
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