Job Analysis Assistant Store Managers as Today's Fashion

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Marry Watson:
She was recently promoted to the position of regional sales manager for today;s fashion ,A national chain of speciality clothing stores with 200 outlets across the country marry is the regional manager for the pacific coast. one of today’s fashion’s largest markets. she manages 35 outlets in California. The outlets have a store manager reports to directly to marry. Each outlet has between three and five assistant store managers. Depending on the number of specialty departments. each assistant manager is responsible for one particular specialty department. These departments vary considerably in size in the number of clerks reporting to the assistant manager. Each store has a different collection of merchandise and several different combinations of departments can be found in Mary’s region The departments includes casual wear ,formal wear, shoes, cosmetics and jewelry. To being appointed to the regional sales manager positions, and marry had been both the departments handle srore manager as well as assistant manager in a casual wear department Marry had a whole responsible for the store management and that other assistant manager wear not responsible while she never really felt comfortable that her store manager had clearly defined her areas of responsibility.thus, despite the chain’s success,marry felt that there was considerable room for improvement in how today’s fashion was managed. Marry had earned a BBA degree with a marketing spcial importance prominence attached the university of Wyoming. Otherwise she had no formal training in job analysis but she was confident that she could construct an accurate and useful job description and job specification for the assistant manager job.marry interviewed three current assistant store managers from the outlet closest to her regional office in Sacramento. Mary constructed the job description and job specification in shown in the case study Exhibitb (6A-1).she hopes that these documents...
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