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Marquis Andrews
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I have worked for Mercury Warehouse for the past ten years. When I begin working for Mercury, I started off as a package handler and in three years, I worked my way up into a position as stock supervisor. After two years as stock supervisor, I was promoted to account manager, a position in which I have held for the past five years. Now, after ten years of hard work and dedication to the company, I have been promoted to Manager of sales. Due to labor shortage, which is starting to be felt by the company making it difficult to hire fast enough and being that I was promoted on short notice, it is now my responsibility to find my replacement.

Job Analysis Exercise
First, in order to begin my search for my potential replacement, I must perform a Job Analysis exercise. Job analysis exercises are steps used to gather and determine important data that is necessary for a particular job. The job analysis exercise I would use with prospective candidates for the account manager position with Mercury is the Verbal Problem Analysis Exercise. According to (HR Arizona, 2003), this exercise requires the candidate to analyze a problem similar to those that are performed on the job. This particular exercise measures the abilities that are necessary upon entry to the job. Job analyses are very important to the hiring process. A job analysis is a process used to identify and determine in detail the particular job duties and requirements and the relative importance of these duties for a given job. According to (Felsberg, 2004), when conducting an effective job analysis, employers should follow these steps: Andrews 3

1. List and describe the education, training, experience, licenses, and skills required for each position. It may be helpful to obtain input on these variables from supervisors, employees, and other individuals, appropriate. 2. Determine whether each of the above is job-related and consistent with business necessity (i.e., concerns an essential job function and bears reasonable relationship to successful performance of the job). 3. List and describe the functions/duties for each position. It also will be helpful to obtain input to obtain from supervisors, employees, and other individuals, as appropriate. Once the job analysis is conducted judgments on the prospective employees are made about data collected on a job. Job analysis can be used in such areas as compensation, employee selection, performance appraisals, and organization. According to (Pavur, 2010), job analysis can yield realistic job descriptions, which are roadmaps for recruitment, selection, and orientation.

Job Description
Second, before selecting an incumbent for the account manager position with Mercury, I must develop a job description. A job description is a written statement that outlines what a particular job requires. According to (Esposito, 1992), the purpose of a job description essentially is to serve as a communications vehicle. Job descriptions usually include; qualifications, task, functions, and responsibilities. According to (Felsberg, 2004), job descriptions should include: * The title of the job

* The position to whom the position reports
* Any other positions that are supervised by the position * Entry-level qualifications:

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a. Education
b. Experience
c. Skills
d. Ability to perform essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation * Qualifications for continued employment:
a. Adherence to all personnel policies and practices
b. Punctual and regular attendance
c. Safe and successful performance, including productivity standards * Job related Functions:
a. List essential functions.
b. Describe the purpose of the job duty (e.g., productivity standards). c. Describe the traditional method by which the purpose is accomplished (e.g.,...
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