Job Analysis

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  • Published : October 31, 2005
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I. Introduction

Job evaluation or analysis is the process of systematically determining in detail the particular job duties and requirement, and the relative worth of a particular job. The evaluation is based on a combination of job content, skill required, value to the organization, organizational culture, and the external market. An important aspect in the Job Analysis is that the analysis is conducted on the job, a description or specification of the job, not a description of the person. The aspects of the job being analyzed are: 1.Duties and Tasks

The basic unit of job is performance of specific tasks and duties. 2. Environment
This may have a significant impact on the physical requirements to be able to perform the job or task. 3.Tools and Equipment
Some duties and tasks are performed using specific equipment and tools. 4.Relationship
Supervision is given and received to employee. It also analyzes the employee relationships with internal or external people in order to perform well in a particular job. 5.Requirement
The knowledge, skills, and abilities are required to perform the job. Job Analysis typically only states the minimum requirements to perform the essential functions.

Why perform Job Analysis?
Job Analysis is an important employment tool for all hiring decisions and supervisory evaluations; they should be made on objective criteria. A supervisor needs to know each job under his or her supervision, and the specifications are needed to perform it, to develop objective interview questions and objectively evaluate an employee's performance. Human Resource Specialists, who are responsible for initial screening of job applicants and mediating performance appraisal, needs also understand the key components of the job in their company.

Job Analysis provides an objective basis for selection and hiring procedures, evaluating and performance review, training needs, as well as improving the efficiency of the company.

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