Job Analysis

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  • Published: February 2, 2009
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Job Analysis

Human Resources Management 531

University of Phoenix

December 1, 2008

Job Analysis

The merger of Interclean and Envirotech has brought on a new outlook and perspective for the industrial cleaning service industry. The merger will reveal a new strategic plan and change the focus for Interclean. These changes will require changes in job assignments and well as changes in job descriptions. There will be six new positions to fill by someone from Interclean or Envirotech. The positions available are: Vice President of Sales, sales manager, and outside sales representatives. These positions will have detailed job descriptions. The positions will be filled using some of the selection methods discussed in Chapter 7 Managing Human Resources. The different methods will help the hiring team choose the individual who will be the best fit for the position.

“Job analysis is the foundation for forecasting the need for human resources as well as plans for such activities as training, transfer, or promotion” (Cascio, 2005). Training for employees requires a well staffed and job knowledgeable human resources team. The teams will be in charge of making sure all aspects of the jobs are outlined. Jobs change every day so it is up to the human resource staff to keep the descriptions up to date. In chapter five Cascio makes a statement, “What you learn today you’ll use on the job tomorrow” was used to say training an employee can be very costly to the company. Paying attention to what is being taught will be very valuable to the individual when released from training. The human resources team is also in charge of creating and planning the career path for positions within the company or organization. According to the reading without an understanding of the jobs available and how they relate to other jobs, creating a career path is impossible. Human resources have to make sure the company is in compliance with the ADA and EEOC. This is important when creating different jobs writing the description.

“A job description clarifies work functions and reporting relationships, helping employees understand their jobs” (HR Guide to the Internet, 2000). Having detailed job descriptions will help the individual have a better understanding of what their job requires. This will let the applicant know what skills they need to acquire and what to expect for the job available. Writing a proper job description is important. There are some items that should be included to make the description clear and concise. All job descriptions should include: position identification, position summary, primary duties, supervision, job requirements, physical requirements, and work environment (Wick, 2007). Each of the items listed will guarantee a detailed job description.

According to Casey Wick, “Position identification begins with the title.” The title should be very simple not to imply the position is something more than what it is. The position summary gives a brief overview of the job and the duties required for the position. The primary duties cover the work that should be completed for a specific job. Supervision exercised will basically state the individual will work under supervision. According to Wick this will be mentioned in the job description section. There are two different types of job requirements, minimum requirements and preferred requirements. “The minimum qualifications define the lowest level of qualifications necessary to perform primary duties” and “preferred qualifications are additional skills, knowledge, and abilities which would make and individual ideal for a position” (Wick, 2007). The work environment must be acknowledged prior to hire as required by law. The employee should know about all work conditions.

The selection process for choosing the best fit for the company is very important. There are several different ways to help make this...
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