Job Analysis

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Purpose of Job Analysis

• Job Description: is a statement indicating what a job entails, what the jobholder does, how it is done, under what condition and why. It includes

➢ Job title

➢ Job identification

➢ Job duties or essential functions

➢ Job specifications

• Job specification: is a statement indicating the minimal acceptable qualifications incumbents must possess to successfully perform the essential elements of their jobs.

• Job Evaluation: specifies the relative value of each job in the organization

The Multifaceted Nature of Job Analysis

➢ Assists employees training and career development by identifying necessary skills, Knowledge, and abilities.

➢ Aids in determining safety and health requirements

➢ Help in defining labor relations processes.

➢ It’s starting point of right HRM.

Job Design

Refers to the way that the position and tasks within that position are organized, including how and when the tasks are done and any factors that affect the work such as in what order the tasks are completed and the conditions under which the tasks are completed

Job Enrichment

Expanding job content to create more opportunities for job satisfaction

How to design job that provide motivation:

➢ Skill Varity

➢ Task Identity

➢ Task Significance

➢ Autonomy

➢ Feedback from the job itself

Flexible Work Schedules

Loyalty & retention are increased by allowing employees to do their jobs with more flexible work schedules.

Examples of Flexible Work Schedules:

➢ Compressed work week schedules: Employees work longer days in exchanges for longer weekends or others days off.

➢ Flex Time: An alternative to traditional “9 to 5” work schedules allow employees to vary arrival and departure times.

➢ Job Sharing: Two People share one job by splitting...
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